Totally Fun Mondays!

Time to do some improv! I’ll be performing with The Faculty this Monday, July 13! Along with Steel City Improv House Teams I Dream of Feeney and Vintage Quaid – we’ll be having funz¬†at The Maker Theater: 5950 Ellsworth Avenue. I’ll probably do something weird, DON’T MISS IT!

Check out Strange Girls on Amazon

I had the pleasure of getting killed in Rona Mark’s Strange Girls. It’s turned into a dark classic movie, and I was really excited to see that it’s now available on Amazon! Go and pick this bizarre, awesome movie up (and see my glorious mullet and pittsburgh accent).

Not Cool is on Netflix!

Watch it on Netflix from the comfort of your home/dorm/portable living space on your tv/laptop/small device!

Supah Ninjas on Nickelodean

  Today I filmed a very fun episode of Supah Ninjas! Everyone on set was incredibly nice and welcoming, and I MET GEORGE TAKEI!! We sat in the makeup trailer and chatted for a while (They were putting mine on, his was coming off). Awesome day!

Strange Girls Website!

The Strange Girls website has been redesigned and is awesome! You can watch the trailer, find out about the movie and rent or buy the whole movie! See me get my comeuppance and mean ‘Burgh girl Marci Maguire! GO LOOKSEE NOW!